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The 2015 Rose Festival has past but summer is still for roses. Treat youself to Cool Moon's Summer Rose Ice Cream!


----- Closing Early on July 4th -----Hours 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM

----- Summer Hours Return----- 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM - Eight Days A Week!

Gift Certificates!

If we say so ourselves, Cool Moon Ice Cream makes the ultimate gift. And, that being the case, we have gift certificates (our own, not the credit card type) which you can be made out for any amount you choose. You can come in to purchase them if you are in the neighborhood, or you can call us from afar and give us a credit card number over the phone. For a slight charge, to cover postage and time, we can mail them to you or to whomever you want to receive them. A very cool gift indeed.

Cool Moon's YouTube Video!

Revisit Our 2014 Summer Adventure!


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This:

In our on-going effort to help fuel youthful dreams, on July 3 Cool Moon Ice Cream launches a once-in-a-lifetime, limited-run flavor adventure. Our eponymous “Non Sensu Communi” (No Common Sense) honors the big dreams of team Crossing the Rubikhan and their quest to conquer—or maybe just complete—the 2014 Mongol Rally (UK to Mongolia, 10,000 miles, in a 1.1 L jalopy). Every scoop sold helps support this intrepid trio of college pals, and a couple of worthy charities as well.

Free samples of this newly minted Cool Moon flavor will be handed out by Excellent Adventurer, Team Rubikhan Member, Portland-native and recent Cool Moon Employee Cooper Thomas, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM July 3, 2014 outside Cool Moon.
There's loads more info on Cool Moon's support of team Crossing the Rubikhan, the team itself, and the Mongol Rally. Check our Facebook Page too for updates. Stay in touch, learn more, it's a great story!

Cool Moon Update - 02/04/12

Website Flavor List

Many of you have told us that we need to update our website flavor list. We hear you and have done as you asked. A new list has been posted to our Flavors page. This is a list of our most popular flavors. We do not have all of these at any given time. Some of the flavors are seasonal; some are made only for a short time each year. Our Facebook Page features a list of the flavors available in our store. That list is updated several times each week..
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